Drying System

Hot Air Dryer

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Consistent temperature output and drying time
  • Advanced safety features
  • Available for Natural Gas Burner model and Steam Boiler



HH – 200


2 x 10HP 3Ø 415 / 380 Vac


Riello 40 F20 / G20

Fuel Consumption

3 to 4 Gallon Per Hour

Thermal Power

95 – 213 kw

Nett Weight

1100 kg

Drying Tunnel

Drying Tunnel 1


Front Fan

25 Hp X 2 Units

Back Fan

15 Hp X 2 Units

Circulation Fan

1.5 Hp X 4 Units

Evaporation Capacity

700 Kg/hr

Operation Height

Max 1900 Mm

Operation Width

Max. 1400 Mm X 2 Units

Door System

Automatic Control

Inlet Humidity

6 ~ 16%

Inlet Hot Temperature

Max 100°c

Circulation Fans Zones

2 Units

Pusher/puller System

Hydraulic System

Cylinder Bore Size

Ø 80 Mm


25 Hp X 2 Units


15 Hp X2 Units

Drying Tunnel 1

Drying Trays

Drying Tray Spesification

A) 1000mm x 320mm x 42mm

B) 1125mm x 350mm x 42mm

C) 1270mm x 370mm x 42mm

D) 1300mm x 400mm x 42mm

Material Available

  • Mild Steel Frame with Plastic Neeting
  • Aluminium Frame with Plastic Neeting
  • Mild Steel with Mild Steel Neeting
  • Plastic Frame with Mild Steel Neeting
Drying Trays 1

Drying Trolleys

Drying trolley Plan
Drying Trolleys 1